Loofah-Art Natural Kitchen Scrubber, Grape Cluster

Loofahs, Sponges & Poufs
The loofah used in Loofah-Art Natural Kitchen Scrubbers is grown and processed by 11,000 local farmers and craftsmen who live in impoverished or developing countries around the world. Because of its long and finely textured fibers that resist wear, the Loofah-Art Kitchen Scrubber is the strongest, most resilient and pliable natural kitchen scrubber on the market. It is gentle enough to scrub fruits and vegetables, tough enough to clean dirty pots and pans, and safe to use on glass and non-stick surfaces. Made from natural loofah and colored with natural vegetable dyes, the scrubber is completely non-toxic and 100 percent biodegradable.

Made from 100 percent natural loofah colored with natural vegetable dyes
Long, fine textured fibers outlast most other scrubbers
Gentle enough to scrub fruits, vegetables, glass, and non-stick surfaces
Tough enough to clean stubborn dishes, pots, and pans
Completely non-toxic and biodegradable