Leaving Liberty?: Essays on Politics and Free-Market Thinking

Politics can impact the marketplace in a big way. In Leaving Liberty? author Martin Mazorra presents a collection of essays that explores the important relationship between politics and economics. Delivered in a daily devotional format of thirty-one essays, Leaving Liberty? provides insight into the long-term effects of a growing government and answers a host of related questions: Will extending unemployment benefits inspire longer terms of unemployment? Is raising the minimum wage ultimately good for young and unskilled workers? How can governments spend beyond their means and rack up debt, while a company or a household doing the same would have gone bankrupt long ago? Is bailing out failed institutions truly in our best interest? Why do seemingly bright people in high positions continue to make egregious mistakes? Clear and concise, this collection touts the benefits of a free-market economy while offering a fundamental understanding of the global economy and the integral economic role that politics plays throughout the world.

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