A middle-aged man with the crushing weight of his American past seeks peace and a simpler life in rural Kenya. Armed with only his smokes and coffee he discovers a friendship with the most unlikely of friends--a lioness he rightfully names Malaika, "Angel" in Swahili. But she is no ordinary lioness nor is he an ordinary man. Between them they share a gift. But not all embrace their bond and some seek to sever it. Discover this new world rich in human truth and sensibility.***"MALAIKA by Van Heerling is one of the best novellas I've read in a long time."  "An excellent piece of writing that I enjoyed immensely..."     ---S. Warfield (TOP 1000 REVIEWER) (VINE VOICE)"INTRIGUING STORY, TALENTED WRITER, AS GOOD AS IT GETS,""...Heering has exceptional ability for finding the soul of realism."     ---Schuyler T Wallace (VINE VOICE)"There is definitely more substance in this story than appears on its surface."     ---Jerry Sanchez (VINE VOICE)"This is by far the best piece of literature, under full novel length, I have EVER read..."      ---T.M Souders"Soulful yet primal, mystical and hauntingly moving..."      ---Blogger Pondhopper"It is a book that should become a highly acclaimed classic and be required reading in every school. I have read it twice already."      ---Carol in Ohio " is a gift to relish and savor...a keeper to the nth degree."     ---Heidi Johnson